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Who we are

Oak – traditional material for modern interiors

Oak is a very popular tree for its cardinality, old age which may be achieved, and its resistance. Providing very hard and heavy wood has always been highly evaluated and has a wide application potential. Oak tree has always been a symbol of strength, longevity and durability. All these aspects can be found in the Fair floor.

Together with modern possibilities of finishing options you hardly find better flooring for your home or office


Many years of experience with floor production Fair floor gain position of leading solid oak flooring specialist. Floor is produced in Czech Republic exclusively from Czech PEFC oak forests.

Each year we make substantial investments in machinery upgrades. Our aims include increasing product quality, expanding our product line and improving our production efficiency.

High quality floor for an affordable price brought our products to more than 1200 stores in different countries in Europe.

Modern technology

All manufacturing processes, including timber cutting and drying, as well as the production process itself, take place at one single facility in Czech Republic. Fast and continuous wood processing facilitates the manufacture of a high quality product at a competitive price.

Owing to our highly qualified employees and our modern production technologies, our products boast an extremely high standard of quality.

Quality control system

Strict controls are maintained through each production operation. Quality is monitored from calibration through profiling, sealing, sanding, optimizing, trimming, to the final product packaging. Our quality control team, records every process during production.

The final quality control inspection is performed at the packaging line where each piece is examined by our trained inspectors. Every package of Fair Floor contain of solid 2-3 colors printed carton box shrink wrapped to keep the flooring looking perfect and includes with a label containing all product information.

We have implemented the ČSN EN standards into our production processes.

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